Tyson Aye and the Hancock community

Tyson Aye HancockComing from a basketball family has plenty of benefits growing up. If you have been around the world of junior college basketball in the state of California, the last name Aye is respected throughout the state. “I grew up in a gym when I was young,” coach Tyson Aye said. After spending 8 seasons at Imperial Valley, Tyson Aye is going into his second season coaching at Allan Hancock Junior College located in Santa Maria. ” I watched a lot of game film and went on a lot of scouting trips when I was younger,” Aye said when asked about his basketball background. Aye’s father is head coach at Chabot Junior College in the bay area, and Aye’s brother Devin is head coach at Lassen College in northern California. “Devin is super competitive and is one of the hardest working coaches in the state,” Aye said. Coach Aye also praised his father by saying ” his ability to communicate, and ability to reach diverse kids is great.” One area where Aye is making strides is the involvement in the programs and community involvement in Santa Maria. “The community is starving for a program,” Aye said. “We have started youth programs around the year,” he added. These are just a couple of things Aye has brought to the Bulldogs in his short stint. He wants the gym packed and be the thing to do in the winter time. When the winter time comes around, Aye and his Bulldogs will be looking to improve upon their 16-14 season from a year ago. The Bulldogs lost talented guard Teyvon Myers, but return the “6-0” Andre Miller. Miller, who’s a qualifier averaged 6.3 points a game and a impressive 5.4 assist per game as a freshman. Aye is also welcoming 2 impact transfers. Alioune Tew a “6-9” transfer from Eastern Utah JC and “6-1” Niagara University transfer Lawrence Johnson will help the Bulldogs next season as well.