Southcoast North midseason review

As conference play approaches, Mt. San Antonio appears to be the team to beat in the Southcoast North Conference. Despite losing on New Years eve the Mounties have lost one game in  non conference play. Before the loss, the Mounties had won 13 straight games and were the top ranked team in the Southern California Signal The Light Basketball rankings. The Mounties have played great basketball and will look to compete for the conference championship. East Los Angeles and El Camino-Compton Center will look to challenge the Mounties in conference play and try and make the southern California playoffs. The Huskies started the season off 7-1 but have had a rough December and will look to get back on track when conference starts. El Camino-Compton Center started the season off 2-4 but are currently on a four game winning streak going into conference play. The Compton based team went 7-3 in December and will look to make a playoff run. Pasadena has also been playing well. The Lancers have won four straight games moving into conference play. Los Angeles Trade Tech will struggle to win games in conference as it has been a rough non conference for Tech.

We could not put together a preseason conference preview for this conference but we take a look in depth with each school part of the five team conference.

Southcoast North Midseason Conference review

1. Mt. San Antonio (13-1) The Mounties were the top ranked team in the Signal The Light Basketball Southern California rankings for most of the non conference and suffered their first loss of the season just two days ago. The Mounties have beat some solid teams in their non conference schedule. Mt. San Antonio is the favorite of the conference after what they did in the non conference and should go deep into the post season. The Mounties have a lot of talent and are well coached on both sides of the ball. Mt. San Antonio will open up conference on January 7th at home against East Los Angeles.

Key Players:  (So) “6-5” Stephaun Branch  13.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, (So) “6-8″ Shannon Flower 12.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, (So)  6-5” Blake Hamilton 13.1 points, 6.9 rebounds

Key Wins: Fresno (2), Marin, San Francisco, Chaffey, Santa Rosa (2).

2. El Camino-Compton Center (8-5) El Camino-Compton Center will look to compete in the upper half of the conference after going 8-5 in non conference play. Compton started off the season losing three of their first four games and have improved since the slow November. The were 7-2 in Decmember and will bring a four game winning streak into conference. El Camino-Compton Center will open conference play at home against Pasadena on January 7th.

Key Players: (Fr) “6-5″James Boyd 16.1 points, 15.3 rebounds, (Fr) “6-0″Jayvon Brown 15.6 points, (Fr) “5-9” Taurus D’Antignac 10.3 points,

Win: East Los Angeles,

Losses: Cuesta, San Diego, Rio Hondo, Los Angeles Pierce, Antelope Valley.

3. East Los Angeles (8-6) The Huskies started off the season with a 7-1 ranking and got up to as high as number 4 in the Signal The Light Basketball rankings in southern California. East Los Angeles went 1-4 in December and will look to claw its way back into the rankings. The Huskies looked like a lock for the playoffs, but after the December they had, they will need to finish with have a good showing in conference play to make the playoffs. East Los Angeles will open up conference play on the road January 7th against top ranked Mt. San Antonio.

Key Players: (So) “6-2” Marcus Romain 16.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, (So) “6-4” Te’Shon Burton 11.0 points 4.3 rebounds, (So) “6-5” Primitivo Gomez 10.4 points, 4.5 rebounds, (Fr) “6-7” Marquis Salmon 11.3 points, 7.0 rebounds , (Fr) “6-9” Richard Bivens 8.4 points, 6.3 rebounds, (So) “6-0” Je’Ron Primus 9.8 points.

Key Wins: Canyons, Antelope Valley,

Key Losses: San Bernardino, Cuesta, Chaffey, Victor Valley.

4. Pasadena (6-8) Pasadena has turned their season around after playing to a third place finish at the Sequoias Tournament. Going into the Sequoias Tournament the Lancers had lost 7 games in a row. Since then, Pasadena is 5-1 and is playing good basketball. Pasadena will look to finish in the upper half of the conference after a horrid start to the season. Pasadena will open conference play on January 7th on the road against El Camino-Compton Center.

Key Players: (Fr) “6-5” Keith Langston 13.8 points, 5.8 rebounds, (Fr) “6-2” Dejon Williams 11.3 points, (Fr) “6-6” Donnell Tuff 11.0 points 8.0 rebounds, (Fr) “6-6” Jaryn Taylor 11.4 points, 4.9 rebounds, (So) “6-3” Johnathan Henderson 12.7 points.

Losses: Antelope Valley, Saddleback, San Bernardino, Irvine Valley,

5. Los Angeles Trade Tech (3-11) Los Angeles Trade Tech has lost four straight games going into conference play and will look to make some noise when conference starts. They will have their work cut out for them but expect them to compete and play hard. Trade Tech has played some tough teams in the non conference but time will tell how, or if they can creep out of the cellar when conference starts. Los Angeles Trade Tech opens conference play up against El Camino-Compton Center on January 9th on the road.

Key Players: (Fr) “6-4” Antonio Singleton 15.8 points, 7.6 rebounds, (So) “6-4” Ashwell Boyd 11.8 points, (So) Jerodd Blount 11.1 points.

Win: Bakersfield,

Losses: Chaffey (2), Saddleback (2), Mt. San Jacinto, East Los Angeles,


Stephaun Branch (Mt. San Antonio), Je’Ron Primus (East Los Angeles), Ashwell Boyd (Los Angeles Trade Tech), Sam Holmes (Mt. San Antonio), Marcus Romain (East Los Angeles),Blake Hamilton (Mt. San Antonio), Te’Shon Burton (East Los Angeles)Shannon Flower (Mt. San Antonio), Primitivo Gomez (East Los Angeles), Johnathan Henderson (Pasadena), Jerodd Blount (Los Angeles Trade Tech).


Mike Peters (Mt. San Antonio), Dejon Williams (Pasadena), Marquis Salmon (East Los Angeles), Taurus Dantignac (El Camino-Compton Center), Antonio Singleton (Los Angeles Trade Tech), Jaryn Taylor (Pasadena), Richard Bivens (East Los Angeles), Jayvon Brown (El Camino-Compton Center), Keith Langston (Pasadena), Ellis Bivens (Los Angeles Trade Tech) Chris Townsell (El Camino-Compton Center), James Boyd (El Camino-Compton Center), Donell Tuff (Pasadena).

Conference opens up on January 7th

East Los Angeles @ Mt. San Antonio 7pm

Pasadena @ El Camino-Compton Center 7pm


1. Mt. San Antonio (13-1)

2. East Los Angeles (8-6)

3. El Camino-Compton Center (8-5)

4. Pasadena (6-8)

5. Los Angeles Trade Tech (3-11)