South Coast South Midseason Review

Going into the South Coast South Conference, three teams have a winning record. Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbor have spent time in the Signal The Light Basketball Southern California rankings at a point in the season. Both teams are currently ranked and both should compete for the South Coast South championship in my eyes. Long Beach has picked up their play after starting off slow in November. The Vikings had a 4-1 December and have won five of their last six games giving them a 8-4 record. Los Angeles Harbor started the season off 6-1 but have lost three of their last four games going into conference play. Los Angeles Harbor will have a tune up tomorrow on the road against Oxnard before they start up conference. Los Angeles Southwest has had an up and down season filled with streaks. The Cougars are currently on a three game winning streak, but had lost four games in a row before starting the winning streak. Cerritos has lost two games in a row going into conference play and the Falcons have been playing better basketball of late. El Camino will take on Moorpark tomorrow night before their final tune up, but the Warriors have started the season off 4-6 but beat Irvine Valley on the road earlier this week.

Taking a look back at our Signal The Light Basketball South Coast South Preseason Projections

1. Long Beach (8-4) The Vikings were our preseason favorite to win the South Coast South Conference. Long Beach have a 8-4 record at press time but will play three more non conference games before conference starts on January 7th. The Vikings were 4-3 in November and went 4-1 in December and have won five of their last six games to move into the Signal The Light Basketball Southern California rankings. Long Beach will open conference play on January 9th against El Camino.

Key Players: (So) “6-2” Elijah Gaines 12.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, (So) “6-3” Chris Spencer 16.9 points, 8.6 rebounds, (So) “6-0″Brandon Staton 15.8 points, (Fr) “6-2” Michael Shivers 9.4 points

Wins: San Diego, Chaffey

Losses: San Bernardino, Canyons, Saddleback.

2. Cerritos (6-9) We had Cerritos picked for second in our preseason conference projections for the South Coast South. The Falcons have went 6-9 in non conference and started the season off 1-5. Cerritos has lost five games to Signal The Light Basketball ranked teams. The Falcons went 5-4 in December and finished 3rd place at the College of the Sequoias Tournament. Cerritos struggled at the Hancock tournament losing its first two games and will go into conference play on a two game losing streak. Cerritos will look to find consistency as conference play starts on January 7th on the road against Los Angeles Harbor.

Key Players: (So) “6-3” Micah Winn 15.6 points, 4.6 rebounds, (So) “6-7” Jeff Gonzalez 10.3 points, 6.1 rebounds,

Win: Cuesta

Losses: Rio Hondo, Irvine Valley, Long Beach, West Los Angeles, Fresno, Bakersfield.

3. Los Angeles Harbor (7-4) The Seahawks were picked third for the South Coast South preseason conference rankings and started the season off 6-1 and were ranked in the Signal The Light Basketball rankings for most of the season.The Seahawks have lost three of their last four games going into Saturday nights game on the road against Oxnard. Los Angeles Harbor will begin conference play on January 7th at home against Cerritos.

Key Players: (So) Elliot Morris, (Fr) Dharion Tanner, (Fr) Chad Tiredeau.

Wins: Antelope Valley, San Diego

Losses: Saddleback, San Bernardino (2).

4. Los Angeles Southwest (6-5) The Cougars have had a season of streaks and were picked fourth in our preseason conference projection for the South Coast South. Los Angeles Southwest started the season 3-1, but followed that up with four straight losses. Since those four losses, Los Angeles Southwest have won three straight games against teams that are struggling this season. Time will tell how conference play ends up for Los Angeles Southwest as they open up conference play against El Camino at home January 7th.

Key Players: (So) “6-1” Justin Cobb 17.5 points, 5.0 rebounds, (So) “6-6″ Reggie Fields 13.8 points, 6.4 rebounds, (So) ” 6-11″ Brandon Jamar 8.5 points, 8.1 rebounds, (Fr) “5-10” Layon Gooden 9.1 points

Win: Victor Valley

Losses: Chaffey, Southwestern, Cuesta,

5. El Camino (4-6) After starting the season off 2-0, El Camino lost four straight games. The Warriors are 2-2 in their last four games, and will look to be competitive in conference. El Camino will have one more tune up game against Moorpark on the road before conference play begins. El Camino will travel to Los Angeles Southwest on January 7th to begin conference.

Key Players: (So) “5-11” Derrick Twiggs 11.6 points, 5.8 rebounds, (Fr) “6-5”  Malik Wildermuth 9.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, (So) “6-2” Patrick Rittmon 7.5 points, (Fr) “6-5” Kane Wildermuth 8.0 points 4.1 rebounds.

Win: Irvine Valley, Cypress

Losses: West Los Angeles,


Derrick Twiggs (El Camino), Justin Cobb (Los Angeles Southwest), Elliot Morris (Los Angeles Harbor), Reggie Fields (Los Angeles Southwest), Chris Spencer (Long Beach),  Micah Winn (Cerritos) Brandon Jamar (Los Angeles Southwest), Brandon Staton (Long Beach), Jeff Gonzalez (Cerritos), Patrick Rittmon (El Camino), Elijah Gaines (Long Beach),


Michael Shivers (Long Beach), Dharion Tanner (Los Angeles Harbor), Malik Wildermuth (El Camino), Jay Merriweather (Cerritos), Layon Gooden (Los Angeles Southwest), Chris Garcia (Los Angeles Southwest), Christian Perez (Cerritos), Christopher Munoz (El Camino), Jamal Watson (Cerritos), Chad Tiredeau (Los Angeles Harbor), Kane Wildermuth (El Camino)

South Coast South Conference play opens up January 7th

Cerritos @ Los Angeles Harbor 7pm

El Camino @ Los Angeles Southwest 7pm


1.  (12) Long Beach (8-4)

2. (11) Los Angeles Harbor (7-4)

3. Los Angeles Southwest (6-5)

4. Cerritos (6-9)

5. El Camino (4-6)