Socal Basketball seeds

As we take a look into the Socal Basketball seeds for the upcoming playoffs, we take a look at each possible scenario that may affect the playoffs when the playoffs start next week. Yes I realize that I have 22 teams on this list and some teams may not be consider for the playoffs, but each team has a chance, and all it comes down to is one thing – WINNING. The number one seed could be the hardest thing to determine in the south, as it is a three team race and each team in the race, has a legit claim at the top spot. Their are many bubble teams in Socal, and their are some teams that are struggling in conference and that may affect if they get in or not. Within the next five days, we will have a better idea.


San Bernardino (27-2) Okay so this is why we deserve the number one seed down here in San Bernardino. We have the second highest RPI in the state, and we have a 12-2 record against winning teams and our 13-2 against teams from Southern California. We are also currently undefeated in the Foothill Conference, so yea we are deserve to be number one when the seedings come out. We have victories over Long Beach, Saddleback, Antelope Valley, and East Los Angeles. We also went out of state and won a National competitive tournament against teams that were nationally ranked, so I mean what else do you want from us?

Saddleback (27-2) This team above us can not be serious? I mean seriously, we beat San Bernardino twice in head to head match ups and we also have the 3rd highest RPI in the state and we clinched the Orange Empire Conference with one loss. We did lose to San Bernardino one time and we had a slip up in conference but hey that happens once or twice a year. We have victories over Antelope Valley, Mt. San Jacinto (twice), Southwestern, Citrus, Long Beach, and oh yea we beat San Bernardino (twice), so why shouldn’t we be the top seed in the Southern California playoffs?

Mt. San Antonio (24-1) Wait stop all this nonsense, can I have a word with everyone? I mean really, we have one lost and have the highest RPI in the whole entire state. Let me repeat, one loss not two like those other two teams. I mean we played the best from Northern California and knocked off Fresno twice, Marin, San Francisco, and yea we beat Long Beach, Chaffey, Southwestern and East Los Angeles. We were 17-1 against teams with a winning record and 9-1 against teams from Southern California. Oh yea we haven’t lost in 2015 so I mean we should have a legit shot at this top seed as well. I mean one loss is less than two so with that being said, I think it is a no brainer that we deserve that top seed for the playoffs.


San Diego (19-8) The Knights may not be winning the Pacific Coast South Conference but are a lock to make the playoffs and could end up with a great seed if they end up beating Southwestern on the last game of the season. San Diego has the 13th highest RPI (8th in Socal) and have won seven straight games. The Knights have won 10 of their last 11 games and will face Imperial Valley and Southwestern to close out the season. We will see the Knights in the playoffs but where will they end up? At the end of the day, they should be in the running for a home playoff game and could be a top 5 seed.

Long Beach (19-6) The Vikings had a slip up last week but still are a lock to make the playoffs and with one more win will clinch the South Coast South Conference championship. Long Beach has a 6-6 record against winning teams, and have a 10-4 record against teams outside their South Coast Conference. The Vikings have the 11th highest RPI (6th in Socal) and will be a lock and should host a game in the first round.

Antelope Valley (23-5) It seems like most of the season, the Marauders have flew under the radar with the success to those top three teams. Antelope Valley could be a team that could have an argument for that top seed, but they had some trip ups during the regular season. With one win, Antelope Valley can clinch the Western State South Championship and should be in the running for the fourth seed. The Marauders have the 7th highest RPI (5th in Socal) and have a 14-5 against teams with a winning record.

Mt. San Jacinto (20-7) The Eagles have posted 20 wins and sit on top of the Pacific Coast North Conference standings with two games to go. After losing their first two conference games, Mt. San Jacinto have won eight of their last nine games and are a lock to make the playoffs. The Eagles have the 12th highest RPI (7th in Socal) and should be a force when the playoffs start. They have a 10-7 record against teams with winning records and will look to pick up two more victories before the playoffs start.

Cuesta (19-8) The Cougars are closing in on a 20 win season and have clinched a share for the Western State North Conference championship. Cuesta has the 37th highest RPI (18th in Socal) and did not play a difficult non conference schedule. The Cougars have a 8-6 record against teams that have a winning record. If Cuesta beats Moorpark and wins the conference outright, it will be interesting to see how many other teams will get in from this conference.

Southwestern (18-8) The Jaguars lead the Pacific Coast South Conference and will win the conference outright if they win their final two games this week against San Diego Mesa and San Diego. Southwestern have the 6th highest RPI in the state (4th in Socal) and have a 10-7 record against teams that have a winning record. Southwestern will be in the playoffs regardless if they finish in a co championship with San Diego, and they have not shyed away from competition this season. Southwestern is another team that should not be overlooked, and could be a force in the postseason and with that high of an RPI the Jaguars should be seeded pretty high.


Chaffey (18-10) The Panthers are currently in 2nd place in the Foothill Conference and have the 18th highest RPI in the state (11th in Socal). Chaffey will face Desert and Victor Valley this week but in my eyes they have did enough to get into the playoffs and a lot of top socal teams would not want to see this matchup. The Panthers are 10-9 against teams with a winning record and have a 12-7 record against teams in Southern California. If the Panthers win both games this week, it will be difficult to keep a team that has 20 wins out of the playoffs, but regardless Chaffey is a team that should be in the playoffs.

Citrus (16-8) The Owls have the 15th highest RPI (10th in Socal) and are currently in 2nd place in the Western State South Conference. Citrus has a 6-8 record against winning teams and came up with a huge come from behind victory over Antelope Valley that may have pushed them over the top to get into the post season. They have the inside shot at picking up second place in the conference and should be a playoff team. Citrus has victories over Chaffey, Southwestern, Mt. San Antonio, West Los Angeles, and like we said above Antelope Valley.


Los Angeles Pierce (16-12) Pierce still has a chance to be co champions of the Western State North Conference if they pick up a win over Santa Barbara and Cuesta happens to slip up against Moorpark. Either way, a win could put the Brahmas into the playoffs, but at the end of the day I don’t do the seeding but a second place finish in the conference could not do Pierce any harm. Pierce has the 32nd highest RPI (15th in Socal)and have a higher RPI than conference leader Cuesta. One thing that could hurt the Brahmas is their 4-12 record against teams that have winning records including a head to head loss against home.

Bakersfield (16-9) The Renegades have saved their playoff hopes by going on a five game winning streak but still there is work to be done. The Renegades sit in 3rd place at the moment, but cant afford a loss this late in the season. Bakersfield needs to win their final two games in order to get the job done. It wont be easy, as the Renegades have to beat Canyons and Antelope Valley at home for a chance. Bakersfield has the 38th highest RPI (19th in Socal) and should be in the playoff race if they pick up these next two wins. Bakersfield has a 6-6 record against winning teams and have wins against Citrus (twice), Los Angeles Pierce, Victor Valley, and West Los Angeles.

East Los Angeles (16-10) The Huskies have the 19th highest RPI in the state (12th in Socal) and are currently in second place in the South Coast North Conference. East Los Angeles have one game left and if they win, they should get into the Southern California playoffs but like I have mentioned before, its not up to me. The Huskies have a 6-8 record against teams that have a winning record, and went 8-6 against southern California teams in non conference action. The Huskies have victories against Antelope Valley, and Moorpark, but had a phase during the season that saw the Huskies lose seven out of eight games.

Los Angeles Harbor (14-9) The Seahawks have had some great wins this season. Harbor has picked up a couple of quality victories against Antelope Valley, San Diego in non conference action and picked up a key victory last week as the Seahawks went on the road and beat Long Beach in South Coast South Conference action. Harbor is currently in 3rd place in conference and could wind up in second place if they pick up two victories this week over Los Angeles Southwest and El Camino. One thing the Seahawks have in their favor is a very high RPI ranking (14th in the state, 9th in Socal) and I think if this team wins out, it will be hard to keep them out of the playoffs.

West Los Angeles (15-8) The Wildcats are still in the hunt but obviously need to win out as West Los Angeles has a 6-6 record in the Western State South Conference and are tied for fourth place at the moment with two games left. Obviously, if the Wildcats win out they have a chance at finishing 3rd place in conference and with the 23rd highest RPI in the state (14th in Socal) it could help, but at the end of the day, if the Wildcats don’t win, they wont get in. The Wildcats have victories over San Diego, Rio Hondo, Bakersfield, and Canyons twice. West Los Angeles will face Citrus and Santa Monica in their final two games this week.


Irvine Valley (14-11) Will 16 wins and a second place finish in the Orange Empire Conference be enough to get the Lasers into the playoffs? Irvine Valley has won 14 games, and have two games against Santa Ana and Fullerton and if the Lasers pick up these two wins they should have a shot at getting into the Southern California playoffs. The Lasers struggled against Southern California teams outside of their conference with a 5-7 record, and have a 1-8 record against teams that have a winning record. The Lasers are 50th in the RPI (25th in Socal) which could be a reason why they may not get into the playoffs despite a second place finish within the Orange Empire Conference.

Palomar (13-12) The Comets need to win out and need Mt. San Jacinto to lose in order for anything to happen, and I don’t think anything else needs to be said.


Victor Valley (17-12) The Rams are one of the most exciting teams on the offensive side of the ball and have picked up 17 wins this season. Victor Valley is currently in 3rd place in the Foothill Conference but they picked to have their toughest two games of the conference schedule coming up in the last week of the regular season. This week, the Rams will travel to San Bernardino and Chaffey and in reality if they do not win both these games, they may be watching the playoffs on the outside.

Rio Hondo (15-11) Just like their conference counterpart Victor Valley, Rio Hondo have a winning record but a fifth place standing in the Foothill Conference will not due them justice when it comes to deciding who is in and who will be watching from a far. A good thing is that the Roadrunners have the 22nd highest RPI (13th in Socal) but still how can you get playoff consideration when their are four teams better than you within your own conference and their could be a chance you might not finish over or even at .500 in Foothill Conference play? Rio Hondo have quality wins against Southwestern, Victor Valley (twice), San Jose, Bakersfield, and Chaffey.

Moorpark (16-11) The Raiders have not helped themselves out in conference as Moorpark is sitting in fourth place at the time of press and that could eventually hurt them getting into the playoffs. If Moorpark beats Cuesta and Ventura this week, that will give the Raiders 18 wins on the season, but if Hancock and Pierce win as well, that will give them a fourth place finish in the Western State North Conference. Moorpark has the 42nd highest RPI (21st in Socal) which isn’t a very high number for a team stacking up against other teams that could be in the same situation as the Raiders.

Canyons (14-11) The Cougars do have a winning record but they are in the same boat as the other three teams in the Western State South Conference. Canyons will face Citrus and Bakersfield this week but one thing that hurts Canyons is they have lost to West Los Angeles twice but did beat Bakersfield in their previous meeting in conference. So basically with that being said, if Canyons slips up, it will be difficult to put them into the playoffs.