Happy Holidays

Signal The Light Basketball would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. We would like to thank everyone for supporting our page and following our coverage of California Junior college basketball. Below is our schedule of coverage and is subject to change in the holiday season.

December 26: Preview of San Benardino playing at Mesa (Arizona) playing at Fiesta Bowl Shootout.

December 27: Canyons Tournament Preview and results

December 28: Mesa, Hancock, Chabot, Imperial Valley, Siskyious Tournament previews and results.

December 29-30: Results of Tournament action

January 1: Bay Valley and Golden Valley Conference Peviews

January 2: Southcoast North/South Preview

January 3: Big 8 Preview, and Orange Empire Conference Preview

January 4: Pacific Coast North/South Preview and Western State North Preview

January 5: Norcal and Socal rankings and Coast South Conference Preview

January 6: Coast North Preview and Foothill Preview

January 7: Central Valley Conference Preview

There will not be Norcal and Socal rankings this upcoming Monday and we will continue our Signal The Light Basketball rankings on January 12th.

Once again thank you for the support in 2014 and we look forward to bring everyone coverage in 2015.